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Community Loan

  • 6% (6.2% APR*)
  • Borrow up to €100,000
  • Supporting the community

Supporting our local community projects

Many community, not-for-profit groups or charities in the South and East Kerry region have worthwhile ideas about how they can improve the socio-economic life of their community.

The Killarney Credit Union community loan product has been designed specially to offer such groups access to capital to help make their vision become a reality. The community loan has been developed to support the development of projects in the following areas:

  • sport and recreation
  • culture and heritage
  • the arts (within the meaning of the Arts Act 2003)
  • health of the community
  • youth, welfare and amenities
  • natural environment

Why borrow from us?

There are many reasons to choose a Community Loan from Killarney Credit Union, from an excellent rate to no administration fees and the ability to repay the loan earlier without penalties.

  • Your community group can borrow up to €100,000 over a maximum term of 10 years. 
  • We are happy to collaborate with other agencies in progressing your application for community finance.
  • Your community loan will be assessed by a special lending panel.
  • We don’t charge any administration fees or charges.
  • Your community group can repay the loan earlier without penalties.
  • Finance is available for buildings and equipment, working capital, cash shortfalls, bridging finance against delayed grants or other confirmed income and the restructuring of debt.
  • By borrowing from the credit union, you are supporting your local community as finance is provided by the local community for the benefit of the local community.

Further Information:

Loan Repayment Table




Number of


Cost of Loan

Total Loan

€5,000 6.2% 1 Year 12 €430.41 €164.86 €5,164.86
€10,000 6.2% 5 Years 60 €193.37 €1,601.70 €11,601.70
€15,000 6.2% 10 Years 120 €166.57 €4,986.89 €19,986.89
€20,000 6.2% 10 Years 120 €222.10 €6,648.90 €26,648.90
€30,000 6.2% 10 Years 120 €333.15 €9,973.35 €39,973.35
€40,000 6.2% 10 Years 120 €444.19 €13,298.23 €53,298.23
€50,000 6.2% 10 Years 120 €555.24 €16,622.68 €66,622.28


Typical APR variable Community Loan rate of 6% (6.2% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)). Lending terms and conditions apply. Loans are subject to approval. Table is for illustration purposes only and does not constitute a contract. Figures correct as at March 2021.

Warning: If you not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into  arrears. This may affect your ability to access credit in the future.

Documentation Required

  • Completed application form - Call into any of our branches and we will be happy to help
  • Proof of Identity
    • Completed Killarney Credit Union group mandate on file.
    • Current proof of ID and address of the principal officers/trustees/-directors/beneficial owners.
    • Proof of ID and Address of the principle officers/ trustees/ directors
  • Proof of Income
    • Most Recent accounts / Record of Income & Expenditure (2 Years)
    • Tax Clearance cert (If applicable)
    • Financial Projections / Cash ow statements
    • Copy of Funding Letter offer (if applicable)
  • Financial Position
    • Current bank/ loan/ HP statements / Credit Card (at least 6 months)
  • Group Information
    • Detailed description of the purpose of the loan
    • Charitable status details (if applicable)
    • Key activities / specific services provided
  • Other information deemed necessary by the credit union

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Information is correct as at March 2021.

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