Tips for Current Account Users


Tips for users

A few helpful tips...

Your current account, debit card and overdraft facility, where applicable, provide convenient methods of making and receiving day-to-day payments.

Get Cashback of up to €100 with purchases at participating retailers and avoid ATM transaction fees.

Use contactless payments for quick low value purchases.

Arrange for your salary, pension, welfare payments or other income to be paid into your current account to ensure funds are always available.

Save time and set up direct debits for regular bills.

Make secure cashless payments using your debit card, online and mobile app.

Access and download account statements online and avoid the need for duplicates or paper copies.

Avoid referral item fees and unpaid fees by: (a) maintaining sufficient funds in your account or (b) applying for an overdraft facility.

Plan ahead, know your payment dates and check your account balance regularly.

Be aware that cheques and other paper lodgements can take several working days before funds are available for withdrawal and similarly authorised transactions may remain pending before reducing your actual account balance.

Missed borrowing repayments made from your current account and regularly operating outside the terms of an existing overdraft facility may affect your credit rating and access to future credit.